At the heart of our attempt to rescue Western society from the self-serving establishment who rule over it (and us), lies a key question: can we count…

December 2022

Step aside Jordan Peterson. This is the life guide you've all been searching for.

November 2022

You cannot make sense of the decline of the West unless you understand the people who control it. In this piece we shine a floodlight on them.

October 2022

Could 'writing the wrongs of the past' mean something completely different to what the woke, Black Lives Matter, and others think it does?

September 2022

In this piece we explore a new paradigm: the short-term vs the long-term society, as well as the concept of 'Forward Duty.'

August 2022

The woke have mastered one of the most effective weapons of non-violent warfare there is: words.
Western civilisation stands at the precipice, ready to plunge into darkness...

July 2022

What is the future role of religion in Western civilisation?
In Part 1 I reviewed 62 anti-woke and pro-free speech channels. In Part 2 I review a further 70 channels.

June 2022

Of all the mistakes black people in America make today, there is one that is the icing on the cake...

May 2022

Who is to blame for the real or perceived problems of black people in America & the West today?

April 2022

In our midst today walks an unwitting hero. His name is....